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UX/UI Design

Carpe Diem

A mobile app based activity planner that helps the user find and locate activities based on locations, interests, and individual abilities.

Carpe Diem

Project brief

The objective is to define, design, and  demonstrate an inclusive digital experience. Following the prompt “I’d trust a computer to ___________, but I’d only trust a human to _____________,”  it would help to figure out what can be designed to improve the human experience as well as  what can decrease the barriers to trust, use, and participation of computer interfaces. Our group came up with “I’d trust a computer to suggest ideas for activities, but I’d only trust a human to give me recommendations that satisfy me.” The concept of this app is to help improve the participants experience by highlighting activities that helps keep the diversity and uniqueness of each individual in mind. Through the improvement in the human experience, it would help to lead to increase the trust and participation in computer interfaces by providing users with information.

Delivery Timeline

The timeline of delivery for this project had 6 different deadlines broken down into: Persona spectrum, Inclusive design Press release, Digital prototype, Video demo, Video Presentation deck, and the Case study. The Persona spectrum was due first on April 15th, then followed the Inclusive design Press release in the same week on April 19th. Next, the Digital Prototype was given the time span of a week and a half to be completed on April 29th. Due on May 6th, the video demo deadline followed a week after immediately so it could be ready to be presented and organized in the Video Presentation deck on May 7th. The Final deadline was for the Case study which was due on May 14th. The overall time span given to complete project 2 was 4 weeks total.

What is inclusive design?

Inclusive design is a design for a product or service that can be accessible to as many people as possible without the need for specialized adaptation or specialized design. It enables people with diverse characteristics to use your product in a variety of different environments. Inclusive design is also known as Universal design which is the accessibility to anyone. An example of this are the icons that are located on every clothing product tags. These icons help to decipher how the clothes should be taken care of. The use of those icons are recognized by everyone in the sense that they can all understand it without any exclusions.



Product Press Release 

Carpe Diem is an app based activity planner that helps the user find and locate activities based on locations, interests, and individual abilities. Finding an activity with a group can be difficult, and with individuals who have different abilities, the challenge becomes even greater. With this app users will input a location, then fill out a questionnaire. This allows the app to determine what activities are available in the area of their selection. The app will then display a list of local options with a key, letting users know about the activity and whether it can accommodate users with abilities of all kinds.

Carpe Diem Press Release

About the Design

The Carpe Diem team designed this app for individuals of diverse characteristics whether it be situational, temporary, or permanent. The senses that we focused on were touch, hear, and speak so that we could have a greater focal point on where we can help to accommodate for these individuals to help create opportunities of participation without exclusion.

Screenshot 2020-11-04 211119.jpg

Design Feedback 

Some Design feedback that was given based off  the testing of the prototype. During the in class exercise of explaining your concept, we let each participant explore the prototype after the explanation. After letting each participant go through the app, they asked questions and gave feedback that they felt were necessary or could be improved overall. Some of the insights that we gained from the testing feedback were:

This is a video demo of the Inclusive design for Carpe Diem. Giving explanations of what inclusivity design is and how it affects users, this demo give users a visual demo about scenarios along with the concept of app itself.

You can check out the Carpe Diem app personally here.

  • Resize font size and spacing to fit IOS guidelines

  • Redirect Pop up windows and confirmations to match navigation

  • Re-adjusting button placements to match each page

  • Distinguish where the app leads after questionnaire

  • Help understand the differentiating color representations in the app

  • Find ways to distinguish the accessibility Icons along with their meanings

Video of Inclusive Design Project

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