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About Me

The face behind the reveal

I'm Aaron! Commonly known as Ay-Ay-Ron 

Born in California, raised in Colorado. I guess you'd call me a CO native now, but as a designer? I'm Colorado Born! I’m a Visual designer and artist with the intent to bring your visions to life! Passionate about crafting meaningful designs that endure, I apply the lens of creativity to uncover clients’ visions while developing unique and innovative solutions to design problems.

Aside from work and school, I have many hobbies! Ranging from exploring art mediums, sports, and new foodie spots. I also love to TRAVEL! Traveling is an amazing experience to me because there's so much to see outside of where we live and know. What I find impressive is how different cultures view things, all because they're looking at it from a different perspective. The more we widen our perspectives, the more angles we will have options to approach from. For me, Japan was one of the most extraordinary trips I had ever taken since that country inspired me to pursue my field of design. Seeing the many different ways it was presented all over Japan ranging from Tokyo, to Hiroshima, I saw more possibilities of how I could acquire my dream lifestyle and passions. Since I design with the intent to bring life to peoples visions creatively in ways that they have a hard time expressing to their audience as well. I like to believe that the possibilities are always there, and they're endless. We just have to change our perspective and look through a different lens of creativity!

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