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Branding Design

Starbucks Story Branding

A branding design of Starbucks focusing on exclusively giving Hawaiian locations special limited time offers.

Starbucks story Branding

Design Objective

The objective to create a compelling brand story for an existing product or service, through the delivery of interactive media (on the web) or cinema (video & motion graphics).

Team Member

  • Ishea Lee


The process started out with an initial planning of what the brand story was and how the aesthetic of the story brand would look. After coming up with the story, we made various different low fidelity designs to see which ones would fit the theme and color palettes best. Along with the low fidelity designs, story boards were also created to give a clear direction of what needed to be in the Instagram Ads. Once the designs were set, it was time to start on the assets that would be used for the high fidelity designs. The touchpoint assets started with the bottle designs using Adobe Illustrator and Apple's Procreate. After the designs were set, I then went on to create 3D models of the Starbucks cup and glass bottles in Cinema 4D. As soon as the renderings were complete, I distributed the assets to my partner so that she could work on her 2 Instagram Ads (Hibiscus Guava, and North Shore kiwi). After we finished rendering the short animation clips from Cinema 4D, we implemented them into an and IPhone mockup with a replicated Starbucks Instagram feed page made in Adobe Illustrator. 

Role Responsibilities

Throughout the entirety of this project, I was tasked with handling two out of 4 Instagram promotion posts, as well as creating the touchpoint assets (3D modelling of cup, bottle and bottle designs). As a partner, I made sure to check in each class period to make sure that we were meeting our deadlines while continuing to make sure that the product was meeting it's highest quality too.

Story Brand Objective

The project objective was to create a vibrant culture among the Starbucks locations in Honolulu, Hawaii. Creating a narrative around the vibrant culture, there would be an emphasis of refreshment and sense of paradise as Honolulu is one of the biggest tourist destinations on the island. Keeping the idea of paradise in mind, it is important to make sure the story brand illustrates a respectful representation of Hawaii and its beauty. Last, there is an emphasis on the limited edition products and its value since it it going to exclusive only to these locations and not replicated anywhere else.

Touch Points

The touchpoints that were unanimously decided for this project were a 4 refresher drink set limited release for the summer, a new limited edition bottle to compliment the drinks and reduce plastic, and 4 different Instagram promotion pieces (Ads for each limited drinks). These points match the brand story of bringing a vibrant culture to Hawaiian Starbucks locations, it respects the island culture with reducing plastic through the new limited edition glass bottles, and the Instagram posts will utilizes a summer color palette that fits the paradise theme in true paradise.

Low Fidelity

The low fidelity drawings of both limited edition glass bottles and drink sets were made in order to grasp a better idea of how to approach the story brand were were striving for. To make sure that it was vibrant, reflected the lifestyle of the island culture, and to make it special for limited edition. We came up with many different variations of designs that reflected each side of the Oahu island. The drink set was made with the intent of having the opportunity of being purchased with a corresponding bottle to match the theme.

Drink designs.PNG
Lofi Bottles set 1.png

Limited Edition Drink Set

Limited Edition Glass Bottles

Startbucks story board.jpg

Story Board

Startbucks story board.jpg
Startbucks story board.jpg
Startbucks story board.jpg

Our Backstory

Starbucks has released a limited set of summer drinks and bottles based on the beautiful islands of Hawaii. 

They are looking to excite customers and create a vibrant culture surrounding a sense of refreshment and paradise.

Brand Story

Starbucks is an Inclusive brand having locations everywhere for any type of coffee or tea drinker. While inclusive, it does stay exclusive to loyal customers via Rewards, Seasonal releases, Limited edition products to show their appreciation. No matter where the location is, this brand stays respectful and present in cultural manners when creating products appropriately. Last but not least, Starbucks practices corporate social responsibility via sustainable tourism to make sure they can continue to grow with the environment they are welcomed in.

High Fidelity

The high fidelity version of the drink and bottle touch points consists of 3D renderings from Cinema 4D. To make the touchpoints match the actual Starbucks aesthetic, we made sure to reference styles they utilized in their Instagram feeds such as looping playful stop motion, good color palettes, and keeping it simple.

Starrbucks collection 1.gif
Starbucks collection 2.gif
Starbucks Collection 3.gif
Starbucks collection 4.gif
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