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Rebranding Design

Next Stage Galley

A logo and website rebrand of Denver's Next Stage Gallery

Next Stage Gallery Thumbnail.png

Next Stage Gallery

Design Objective

The objective is to rebrand for a non-profit organization of our choosing. For this brand, the challenge was to revamp the logo, Redesign/or create a new website (if they did not have a website previously), and to create a video/title sequence that showcased what their brand was all about. The overall goal is to make sure that the messages and values within rebrand of the Next Stage gallery are reflected in the logo, website redesign, and the video/ title sequence.

Team Members

  • Julie Nguyen 

  • Sam Henderson

  • Alex Giovinnazio


The project was split two ways where two member would work on the website, and the other two works on the video. Throughout the 6 weeks, each member would check up on each part of the project during progress check to make sure everyone is up to speed with the deadlines.

Role Responsibilities

Throughout the entirety of this project, I was tasked with the position of overlooking and editing the Video promo of the Next Stage Gallery. From the editing of the parallaxes photos to create a parallax effect within the video, I overlooked the process with my other team member to make sure that it stayed consistent in the whole piece. Then I proceeded to collage both of our portions as well as animating the logo for the final cut scene of the video.

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