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Motion Design


A Thesis motion design video to help reduce stress levels in college students suffering from anxiety


Design Objective

The objective is create a thesis project based on any research topic and medium of your choice. For this this topic based on stress induced- anxiety among college students, the challenge was to create any designs that would help to reduce stress levels in the best way possible. Considering that most individuals lean towards procrastination as a coping mechanism to distract their mindsets from their task priorities, the goal would be to pick a medium that sticks towards a format that their time is commonly spent on. Among the variety of social media sites that is time consuming in a quick manner, Motion design.  

Thesis Research Question

​"How might Motion design help to ease the stress levels of college students who suffer from anxiety?"

Process Organization

  • Phase 1: Conception & Ideation

    • Additional Research (Surveys)

    • Organize Research

    • SME/DME meetings (Updates)

  • Phase 2: Planning & Production

    • Asset Building

    • Schedule for Each Visual

      • Sky

      • Forest

      • Beach

    • Visuals Combination

    • Render Dates

  • Phase 3: Post-Production

    • Testing Deliverables

    • Editing

    • Case Study

Role Responsibilities

Throughout the entirety of this project, I created the visual brand, research, surveying (qualitative & quantitative), asset building, audio mixing/ sweetening, motion design, and process book writing. From the months of January to April 2021, my organization of these responsibilities of my senior thesis followed the tasks in this specific order. 

Process book Preview.png
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